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How to Choose an Oxfordshire Pest Control Company

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Pest infestations are among the worst things that can happen to your business, especially when you are a commercial establishment that welcomes customers into your building. Regardless of the product you sell, pests can easily mean the downfall of your company.


Unfortunately, choosing a British pest control company to service, you can be daunting at best and impossible at worst. Many of them will work to reduce the problem rather than eliminate it simply so they can keep coming back to rake in those extra profits.


Here’s how you, as a business owner, can keep your establishment free from pest problems and hard-earned cash safe by choosing a local pest controller that’s dedicated to serving you.

How Can I Select a Commercial Pest Controller?

When selecting a professional pest controller, you want to start like you would with any other service— by comparing price with value.


The best way to do this is to compare the prices of one pest control company with others so that you can effectively gauge what the average median price is for a particular service, whether that be wasp nest removal, mouse removal, spraying for bugs, etc.


Once you understand the range of pricing and what is considered normal versus cheap or expensive, you can begin comparing the reviews of each company.


When doing this, you’ll want to make a list of the companies you’re considering and write down one of three things next to each entry: high, medium, or low. This will indicate the expected price and how it compares in the industry.


Next, move on to looking at the reviews. If you find a company whose price is very low and who also has a very low rating, we recommend crossing that entry off the list. This will help you separate the professionally trained pest technicians from the amateurs.


Additionally, you want to cross off any companies with high pricing and low ratings. If you’re going to be paying above-average pricing, you should be able to expect the work to be of above-average quality.


It is important to note that some companies may not have exact pricing listed on their sites. However, many provide free estimates, and we highly recommend taking advantage of that.


Once you have the companies with low ratings weeded out, start calling up the companies that are left and asking them questions about their services, similar to if you were doing an interview.


Questions You Should be Asking Your Oxford Pest Management Company


If you’re new to looking for pest management services, there is a good chance you won’t know which questions you should be asking. Here is a list of inquiries you can make to help you quickly and efficiently narrow down your remaining options.


Question 1: How many years have you been in business?

This will help you determine how much expertise you can expect the company to have. Chances are, companies with more experience will have services that are more in-depth with prices that are lower than their competition.


This is because they’ve had the chance to streamline their services and experiment to figure what processes are most efficient for both time and materials.


Question 2: Do you have a list of references?

Most pest control companies in Oxford will have references they can give you that you can contact to speak face-to-face with someone who has had their services before.


Asking this question will help you determine if the company’s reviews have been faked, which is a necessity.


Question 3: Would you provide me a copy of your pest control licenses and labels for any chemicals used?

Companies that sell pest control services in Oxford are required to be licensed. Any companies who refuse to provide copies of these licenses are not to be trusted.

Additionally, having copies of the chemical labels will allow you to research the chemicals they plan to use and determine if they are safe. Some pest control companies will scam their clients by using outdated chemicals that are no longer used for public health reasons, and you’ll want to make sure the one you select is not doing this.


Question 4: What all services do you provide?

Well-balanced pest control companies will be able to handle all types of issues, such as moth control problems, rat control, squirrel control and removal, etc.


You’ll want to choose a multifaceted company so the next time you need effective pest removal in Oxford, you don’t have to go through this process again.

What Should I Watch Out for When Choosing a Pest Control Provider?

As with anything, there are certain red flags you should be aware of when choosing the Oxford pest control service you’ll be working with for the foreseeable future. Here are a few to keep in mind:


Beware of companies who


  • Want to do pest removal as part of an unrelated package deal, such as trimming your hedges or repairing plumbing
  • Don’t have a phone number you can contact
  • Are selling their services door-to-door
  • Want to charge a per-gallon price (certain types of pest control, such as termites, can use several hundred gallons of material in commercial establishments)
  • Claim to have a secret formula that works better than any other pest formula. Pest control chemicals must be approved by HSE.
  • Claim to have excess materials and offer a discounted price if you sign a contract immediately OR try to pressure you into signing an immediate contract by suggesting your building may collapse or be shut down if your issues are not treated


The Bottom Line

Pest control is necessary for all businesses, regardless of size or type. However, one must be careful in choosing a pest control company.


By following the steps outlined in this article and using the questions we’ve provided, you can easily choose a pest control company that works for you rather than against you.


At ProPest Oxford, we are dedicated to providing you with professional, quality services at prices that you won’t beat anywhere else. We currently have a five-star rating as certified by Google, and we are ready to treat all your pest needs.


If you’re ready to get serious with your pest control, contact us today.