Guaranteed Wasp Nest Removal in Oxfordshire £60 No Vat To Pay

Same Day, Guaranteed Wasp  Nest Treatment

We Guarantee a same day service in Abingdon

Discovering Wasps in your home or business can be very distressing. The threat of anaphylaxis & in extreme cases, death, is very real. Our state of the art equipment along with our local geographical knowledge allows us to be with you very quickly & treat your Wasp Nest the very same day of your call, or next day depending on what time we receive your call.

Question we will ask you on the phone?

We will ask you a series of questions all related to locating & the safe treatment of your Wasp Nest.

-Can you see where the Wasps are coming in & going out?

-Does anyone suffer from Anaphylaxis in the address or any family history?

-if the Wasps are in your roof, has anyone been up into the loft/roof space to see if there is a visible nest?

Do I Have to be at Home when Wasp Destroyers come to treat the Wasps?

Its always best you are home in case we need to treat inside your loft, but, if you can visibly see where the Wasps are going in & out we can normaly treat ftom the outside. If the nest is inside a shed or garage you can leave them open for us & we will invoice you.