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Ant Control Near You Oxford

ProPest is a UK-based company that deals with pest issues. ProPest offers its services all around the region of oxford, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire. Propest is a team of technicians with a broad amount of knowledge about pests including ants. Before proceeding to an ant control oxford treatment, it is necessary to have the exact amount of knowledge about their species because an ant’s species can play a vital role in their lifestyle. Some ants prefer to live Inside your home and some of them make their nests outside.

A huge amount of knowledge and experience is required for the ant control treatment near you. ProPest is a reliable brand that offers high-quality results with more than satisfactory aftercare. At first, our experts prefer to analyze the whole situation including ant’s species, their nest locations, their passageway from where they travel through all your house and the amount of infestation and then they decide the type of treatment that is required in that situation. After that, they move further on to the actual treatment. ProPest is a well-known brand in oxford and we consider our client’s satisfaction is our first priority.

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Ant is a very social creature. Ants live in colonies where they have a queen and the rest of them are mostly workers or fertilized males and females. Though ants cannot transmit any disease and are not much harmful their infestation can still cause you much nuisance and irritation. Ant control is quite a tricky process because there are many aspects that should be considered while performing an ant control treatment in oxford for example their species etc. Most people just use ant repellents on ant’s trails and think that they are completely free from their existence but unfortunately,

it’s not the actual case. Ants live in nests in the form of colonies and without eradicating their nest it is impossible for us to get rid of these tiny pests. It is mainly the queen which is responsible for all the reproduction. So, if the queen is alive then she can still produce thousands of more ants. If you are facing this kind of issue then we suggest you contact a professional for help.

General information about ants Near me?

Ant undergoes a metamorphosis and completes their journey from an egg to a fully grown adult. Ants are mostly active during the summer and they usually mate during the same time. Adult ants which are ready for mating came out of their nest in swarms during summertime. Flying ants are actually female and male ants that are ready for reproducing.

A queen can lay up to three hundred thousand eggs in her whole life span which ranges from fifteen to thirty years. The initial eggs grow to become workers which take care of the nest and search for enough food to feed their queen and the new larvae.

A queen can lay more queens afterward which further builds their own colonies. It is important for you to destroy the whole colony in order to get rid of them. Ant control treatments include the destruction of the entire colony or else just spraying any common insecticide on the trails of ants will not work for you.

Types of Ants in Oxford:

The type of ant is really important while performing an ant control treatment. Ants have a large number of species and the most popular ant species in the UK are the common black garden ant, red ant, black stinging ant, black wood ant, yellow meadow ant, and horse ant. Ant comes with different varieties and with different varieties comes different types of issues. Some of the most common ants are carpenter ant, fire ant, pharaoh ant, odorous ants bullet ant, driver ant, and ghost ant.

Each of the species has special unique traits for example carpenter ants make their nests inside the rotten wood or tree stumps or old and damaged wood furniture etc. Carpenter ants are nocturnal. It means that they only forage at night for food. There are two types of ants in accordance with their shelter preferences. One type of ant prefers to live inside your house and the second one prefers to live outside your house and only forage inside your house in search of food.

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Pharaoh ants are the second type of ants that mostly lives inside your house and they are hard to notice. Though ants cannot do much harm to your health they do sting you the moment they feel any danger from you and some of the ant species stings can be really painful and harmful for you especially if you are allergic to them. Some ant’s bites can be extremely painful and some of them are even considered the most dangerous pests in the whole world including fire ants, driver ants, and bullet ants.

Important measures which should be taken after ant control?

Ants are attracted to your house because of several reasons. The two most important among them are safe shelter and easy food sources. Ants consume sugar and proteins. They are attracted to open food like open food cans. So you must always cover your food items after using them. Another reason is tables or shelves with food residues on them most commonly sweet food residues that’s why it is a must to clean your shelves and tables thoroughly after eating.

ant control

Ants come into your house through small holes or damaged walls or windows or doors. Though it is not possible to cover all of them but you should fill up at least the visible gaps. In order to find an ant’s nest, you should follow their trails which will led you to their nests. Ants leave pheromones in the place where they find food. Pheromones are like signals for other ants to reach the same area.

These trails of ants consume and save food and then make their way to the nest to feed the queen and the larvae. By following these trails, you can easily find their nests. Ants like carpenter ants live inside damaged wood stuff. So, it is necessary for you to remove any damaged wood stuff from your house to prevent these ants from coming into your house.

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