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Bed Bug Control Near Me Oxford

ProPest is one of the most convenient and reliable pest controllers in oxford. ProPest offers Its services throughout the whole region of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Berkshire. You can schedule our bed bug extermination treatment oxford online from our website to get rid of bed bugs as soon as possible. ProPest is a team of experienced and expert technicians who have a lot of experience and knowledge about bed bugs and their treatment. ProPest is a well-experienced pest controlling company that offers bed bug extermination treatment in oxford, Buckingham, and Berkshire

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We are providing service around Oxford, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire. Alternatively, you can give a quick call on this number 01865 579366 or email us at this address officepropestoxford@gmail.com.

Oxford is one of the most historic places in England. Oxford is situated in the southeast region of England. Its historical architecture is maintained to this day. Oxford is also amongst those places which face a lot of pest issues including bed bugs. But we should not worry about this because problems come with solutions and oxford has some of the most famous pest controllers in the world.

General information about bed bugs

Bed bugs are almond-shaped, brownish, and tiny insects that can cause you a lot of irritation and problems. Bed bugs only feed on human or animals blood. Their bites are usually painless at first but they can cause redness and itch after some time on the attacked area. Bed bugs live in places that are easily accessible to humans. They live as groups in mattresses, torn wallpapers, under the bed, drawers, etc. Bed bugs feed on blood at night.

Their bites can leave red marks and sometimes they can cause big blisters to appear on your skin. Their females can lay between one and five eggs per day. They can live without blood for almost a year. So, without wasting much time if you are convinced enough to get rid of bed bugs, then contact us right away and schedule our bed bug extermination treatment oxford now.

Causes of bed bug infestation

The major causes for bed bug infestations are traveling and used things. If you went for a long trip in some other city and you stayed in a hotel room which had bed bugs in it then you are most likely to bring them into your home with you. Bed bugs are quite thin and they can easily find places to hide. At night, they feed on your blood, and in the daytime, they might be shifting from one safe place to another so that no one can find them.

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They can also travel from one room to another and they might travel from your apartment to your neighboring apartments. Another main cause of bed bug infestation is used furniture, bed sheets, bed covers, box springs, etc. So, before using things like this you should check them thoroughly and clean them before usage.

Signs of bed bugs infestation

Bed bugs mostly live in dark and hidden places, that’s why you may not notice their presence but there are certain symptoms that can help you notice their presence. Some of them include tiny dark spots which are bed bugs excrement, reddish and rusty spots caused by crushed bed bugs, the presence of their tiny eggs or eggshells on the place where they live. Bed bugs shed their skin almost three times before they become mature.

So, if you find any trace of their shed skin then it is a sign of bed bugs. Bed bugs also have a musty odor near the place where they live. Bed bugs spend at least five to ten minutes drinking your blood at night and leave tiny red spots behind. If you woke up with a sense of itching and find some red marks on your legs or arms then it is most likely to be a bed bug’s work.

Negative Impacts of bed bugs

Bed bugs can have a bad impact on your health including physical and mental health. Bed bugs bites can cause red marks and even prominent blisters on your body. Their bites are more dangerous if you are allergic to them plus they can also spread various diseases. Bed bugs affect your mental health more than your physical health. Their presence can destroy your mental health and can cause mental illnesses like sleeplessness, anxiety, tiredness, insomnia, and hypervigilance. ac. Bed bugs bite can cause nightmares and flashbacks.

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Bed bug extermination treatment

Bed bug extermination is hard and tricky. So, the best way to get rid of bed bugs is to seek help from a professional. ProPest offers you a bed bug extermination treatment service with more than satisfactory results with an easy process. ProPest consists of experts who know exactly to get rid of these tiny bloodsuckers. ProPest offers heat treatments for bed bug extermination which are by far the most convenient, beneficial, and quickest way to exterminate bed bugs. Heat treatments only require one day to gain control over the bed bugs.

ProPest advises you to wash, clean, and vacuum your bedsheets, bed covers, mattress, box springs, sofas, and everything around the bed before treatment. It is necessary for you to do the same thing with your other rooms because bed bugs can easily shift their home from one room to another. It is advised to thoroughly analyze the whole area before treatment and cover the unaffected and bed bugs-free things with plastic covers.

ProPest experts will visit your house and analyze the situation. Our experts will then start the treatment. This treatment is enough for getting rid of bed bug extermination but in case of high infestation, you should require one to two treatments to eradicate their existence from your house.

So, if you need another treatment in your home then click the link below to schedule our bed bug extermination treatment oxford right away. ProPest team’s bed bug extermination treatment is available throughout the whole region of oxford, Buckingham, and Berkshire.

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Steps to be taken after the bed bug extermination treatment

After the treatment, it is advised to stay away from the area for four to five hours at least. You should not use a vacuum cleaner on the treated surface for up to three to four weeks. Usage of broom and dusters is not prohibited. Some important measures which will prevent bed bugs to come into your house include covering any cracks or holes in your walls with plaster.

Repairing damaged wallpapers, washing and cleaning your house thoroughly at least once or twice a month, avoiding the use of used furniture and mattresses. Usage of cotton mattress covers and cleaning them every month is highly favorable. Bed bugs are a headache for every person from house owners to landlords and hotel owners.

It is a special threat to hotel owners and landlords because the presence of bed bugs can result in absence of customers. So, it is important for you to take an immediate step the moment you sense bed bug presence.

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