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                                             BED BUGS- Are by far the most difficult Pest to get control of

                                                                   Why & how do I have Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs are fantastic at hitching a ride. You, or someone else who lives in, or has visited your house may of had an unwanted hitchhiker on their clothes or bags. Maybe you have been on holiday? Maybe an hotel/B & B stay? In very extreme cases they could be travelling into your property from a neighbouring/attached property.

                                               OK, So it looks like I may have Bed Bugs what do I do now?

Phone ProPest as soon as you can on 01865 579366 & book a Site Survey and get that all important Report.

Once ProPest have formally identified the pest and assessed the severity of the infestation, an course of treatments will be recommended.


ProPest Offer Heat Treatments which are by far the most expensive, but unquestionably, the quickest, (control in 1 day), & best method. Chemical Treatments are great too, but the time frame to gain control can be as long as 3-6 weeks.

                                                                                WHAT DO I DO NOW?

Phone ProPest on 01865 579366 to arrange your Survey or book here