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ProPest are specialists in Church Pest Control- Our knowledge of Pest Control within Church environments spans years with 100% success. Oxfordshire has some of the oldest churches in the country and need expertise and knowledge of old buildings. The sort of Pest control Churches require vary from one building to another, in general , Rats, Mice, Textile Moth, Moles & Wasps are the pests we treat in churches. ProPest cover all of Oxfordshire and have many churches on annual Pest Control contracts.

Rats & Mice- Internally and externally can cause a lot of damage and need constant trapping. Rodents spread some pretty nasty diseases, some of which can be fatal. Regular Biocide sprays will keep on top of the contamination.


Textile Moth- Is an very destructive pest and need regular monitoring and chemically treated if needed. Carpet moth and clothes moth will eat their way through a metre of fabric every week if left untreated. 


Wasps- Are very common in Church buildings as the roofs are high and very rarely humans go on the church roof. Wasps inside churches can be very frightening and need a very quick response time in dealing with an Wasp Nest. 

Moles- Are by far the most upsetting pest an Church can have and unfortunately, most churches suffer in silence and just do not control Moles. Moles dig two types of tunnel, mating tunnels and feeding tunnels, both are vast and complex system of interlinked tunnels underground, above ground Moles will push up excavated earth forming sometimes very large earth hill full of nasty and dangerous bacteria. There is nothing more visually destressing for bereaved relatives than seeing Moles have dug up and tunnelled around their laid to rest loved ones. Mole trapping is an real art and all traps are laid underground so as to be not seen. Live Trapping & release can be done as well if trapping is not favoured.

For more information and to book an Pest Control Survey call 01865 579366