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Mole Control Service Oxford UK

ProPest has been offering its services to many customers in oxford. Propest has a great amount of knowledge about this historical city of oxford. We have detailed maps of the streets of oxford its underground system. If you are a resident of Oxford and facing any issues related to pests or moles then contact us immediately. Propest is here to help you get rid of these little furry friends with high-quality and satisfactory results. Call Us now 01865 57936

Our experts know exactly what to do for mole control service Oxford. First, our team members will analyze the whole area and the rate of infestation and then decide the type of treatment that is necessary for your house. Oxford is an old city with pest problems and we are here to help the citizens of our beloved city of oxford to get rid of pest problems including moles.

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Moles are problematic furry creatures that can ruin your garden in just a few days. Moles can grow up to 4 to 6 inches and can dig long tunnels in just some minutes. They live underground. Moles feed on insects and can also damage plants. Getting rid of moles can take a lot of effort and can be tricky without any guarantee that they are gone permanently from your garden and your life. So, it is better to leave this work to a professional. ProPest is a professional and reliable brand that offers its services throughout the whole region of oxford, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire. ProPest is a team of expert technicians who are highly experienced in mole control techniques.

A bit more about moles

Moles have soft fur with really small eyes and sharp claws. They have cylinder-shaped bodies which small ears and pointy noses. Moles can dig up to 10 inches deep in the ground. Moles dig two kinds of tunnels. One is their permanent holes which can be really deep and out of your reach. They build their nests near these permanent tunnels.

The other ones are feeding runways which are the real cause of the harm to your ground. These runways are very close to the plant’s roots and seeds. Moles eat insects including earthworms which help your plants grow and in search of these worms they dig runway tunnels. Mole’s runway tunnels can leave huge space for plant roots which can result in plants’ death. They sometimes also eat seeds and vegetables but not much. They can turn your beautiful garden and landscapes into a dirty mess. They are very protective of their nests and their territories.

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Moles build many molehills which also work as an emergency exit for them. Their eyes are really weak and can only be used to differentiate between light and dark but their ears are really strong. They can notice even small whispers and their smelling sense is quite good which helps them to catch their prey. Mole’s claws are really strong but they cannot dig in hard surfaces especially surfaces that have stones in them.

Signs and causes of mole infestation

Though moles have sharp and big claws which they use to swim under the ground they still prefer soft and loamy soil. If your garden have soft soil with a large number of grubs, worms, insects then you are most likely to invite a mole in your garden. Mole loves to have a feast on earthworms which are mostly found near your plant’s roots. So, if you’re convinced now to take action and get rid of this headache then click the link below and book our mole control services in oxford service online.

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Though they don’t eat plants their tunnels near the plant’s roots can cause harm to your plants, and can leave molehills. Molehills are volcano-shaped holes in your garden which gives evidence of mole’s presence in your garden. Moles can destroy your garden or landscapes and can also spread diseases. If you sense their presence in a large amount then it might be because of the large number of insects and worms in your garden’s soil.

Some worms like earthworms are beneficial for your plants and play an important part in plant growth but because of moles infestation, they can go almost extinct in your garden which can affect your plant growth a lot. Mole control is necessary for your plant growth and your garden’s security.

How to prevent moles from coming again

After mole controlling treatment, there are some safety measures and tips for you to permanently block the way of moles in your house. First of all, it is better to use wire mesh before planting. Moles cannot pass through that wire mesh, which will protect your plant’s roots from moles and other pests. Moles hate the smell of tar. So, if you find any molehills then throw some tar in the holes. Moles have very sensitive ears and even little sounds can cause them a lot of irritation.

So, if you have any noisemaking toys then place them in your garden. It will prevent the moles from coming into your garden. Moles are also allergic to coffee grounds, red chili powder, tobacco, and dried blood. These things can also help you from mole infestation. They also avoid places with other pet animals like cats and dogs and cats are in common the enemy of moles so it is better to own a cat to prevent them from coming into your garden. Moles are not so fond of castor oil and if you spray some castor oil in your garden then it can definitely prevent mole attacks in your garden.

Though there are a lot of methods and techniques to keep these sharp-clawed carnivores away from your garden the best way to assure mole control is taking help from a professional. ProPest assures you that you will be free from these little garden destroyers after the treatment. In most cases, only one treatment is required to control mole infestation but sometimes in the case of bigger infestation two or more treatments will be required to completely eradicate their existence from your garden

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