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Moth Control Oxford 2021

ProPest offers you moth control treatment with high efficiency and quality results. ProPest offers its moth control treatment service in oxford as well as Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. If you are suffering from a moth infestation then you must take a step immediately, before it makes more damage to your things. Propest experts exactly know which treatment is needed for your house and will make sure that you get the best results as soon as possible. Call Us Now: 01865 579366

Types of moths in Oxford uk?

  1. Elephant hawkmoth
  2. Hummingbird hawkmoth
  3. Garden tiger moth
  4. Jersey tiger moth
  5. Scarlet tiger moth
  6. Cinnabar moth 
  7. Six-spot burnet moth
  8. Emperor moth
  9. Lunar hornet moth
Propest oxford Moth control

Why Moths are Dangorous?

Yes, moths are dangerous to humans and pets!

  • Their feces and cocoons can contaminate food.
  • Contact with infected food or fabrics can cause allergic reactions.
  • Eating contaminated food can cause illness.

Can moths bite? No, they don’t. The moths usually found in our homes are not interested in biting people. Most moths don’t even have mouthparts. Even if they don’t bite us, they can cause allergic reactions in the wings!

Whare do these Moths hide/Live?

Moth infestation can develop very quickly. Not only are their numbers rapidly increasing, but they can also be expanded to almost any space. As long as there are cracks, holes, or cracks, moths will find entrances and refuges. If you leave a small hole in the wall after DIY work, you are inviting moths in. Only the strongest barrier can keep them out.

Once they find a source of food, they will quickly set up a large camp nearby. Although moths have a short lifespan (two weeks), they can cover hundreds of meters in their lifetime. Moths are very mobile. They can traverse surfaces and even climb walls! Therefore, once they are fixed in the corner, they can quickly spread to other parts of the house. When they are activated, they may infect entire neighborhoods. Before figuring out how to get rid of them, be sure to check the type of moth.

Major Types of Moths and Harm They Cause?

Many people think that moths eat clothes etc but in reality, it is their larvae that feed on these things. A moth’s female can lay up to 40 to 50 eggs in her life span. Moth belongs to a big family and they consist of a lot more species than we can think. Some Moths species love to eat carpets, cloths, leather, fur and some of them are interested in contaminated food, package food.

The two most common types of clothes moths are case-making clothes moths and webbing clothes moths. These two moths larvae love to consume keratin which can be found in animal fibers such as fur, silk, leather, wool, and feathers. These species cause irregular shapes in clothes. Another type is the carpet moth whose larvae can be found on your carpets. Indian meal moth is more interested in processed food products such as cereals, nuts, and grains. There are one species that is interested in all of the above mention things and its name is the brown house moth.

Brown house moth can eat cereals, biscuits, rice, potatoes, carpets, clothes, wool, etc. No matter what type it is, a moth will always cause you problems. And moth controlling requires special knowledge about them. Only a professional who has extensive knowledge about different kinds of moths and their treatments can help you get control over moths infestation.

Difference Between a moth and a Butterfly?

Moths belong to the Lepidoptera group of insects and are often considered similar or related to butterflies which is not a truth at all. Moths are quite different from butterflies. Moths have a lot more species (about 160,000) than butterflies (about 17,500). Moths have feathery antennae whereas butterfly’s antennae are long shaft antennae with a bulb at the end. Moths mostly have darker and dull tones of color on their wings whereas butterflies have more colorful tones on their wings.

Unlike moths butterflies usually fly during the daytime. Butterflies feed on flower and moths larvae is more interested in clothes, carpets, and contaminated foods.

Moth Control Treatment:

Moth control is very tough and requires different kinds of treatments in accordance with their species. Flying moths can be seen in summer because they cannot survive cold weather especially freezing temperatures. But, this is only the case for adult moths whereas cloth moth’s larvae can survive cold temperatures by consuming keratin through fabrics. That is why you should take an immediate step against moths the moment you notice their presence. ProPest is a pest control company with expert team members who knows exactly how to control moths. So, without wasting any time click on the link below to schedule moth control oxford service online and get rid of this headache as soon as possible.

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By scheduling moth control oxford service online from here our team will contact you on the selected date and give a complete survey and sanitization of the area.

Propest team offers special treatments in accordance with the moth species and the situation. At first, our experts will analyze the whole situation and your house and then decide to use the treatment which is required for your house. Different kinds of treatment are used for different moth but don’t worry because it’s our duty to make sure that you will not regret the decision of contacting ProPest in this situation. Our company will not only treat the moth’s infestation but will also provide you with the aftercare that you need.

What should we do after Moth Control Treatment?

After treatment, we advise you to wait for 3 to 4 weeks. Mostly one treatment is enough to eradicate moth infestation but sometimes it can also take 1 to 2 treatments if the infestation is high. You should clean and check your carpets, clothes, walls, closets, kitchen, packaged and unpacked food. You should take special care of your food items. If there is any contaminated food then you should waste it and if you find any kind of webbing in your packaged food items such as cereal boxes then you should waste that immediately.

If you find any signs of moth larvae on your carpets, bed sheets or clothes then wash them thoroughly with high-quality detergents. Some species of moths come from bird nests. So, take care of the bird nests. If the nest is dirty or too old then you should replace it. Moths usually lay eggs in dark, hidden, and safe places like your closet so that their eggs after converting into larvae can easily and peacefully feast on your clothes. Moths mostly eat clothes which you don’t prefer to use much.

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So, even if you don’t want to wear some clothes much often, you should at least check and clean them after some days. Moths most are most likely to feast on dirty clothes which have some food residues on them. Different species of moths leave different patterns on your clothes. Some leave irregular patterns and some leave regular shaped holes on your clothes.

moth control Oxfordshire UK

Only a moth control technician can identify these patterns and the moth species which is responsible for them. So, the best solution to save your things from getting damaged is to contact a professional. ProPest has experienced team members who are quite familiar with moths and moth control treatments. If you are facing moth infestation then we advise you to contact a professional as soon as possible.

Why Moth control treatment by ProPest oxford?

We are providing service around Oxford, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire. Alternatively, you can give a quick call on this number 01865 579366 or email us at this address By scheduling moth control oxford service online from here our team will contact you on the selected date and give a complete survey and sanitization of the area.

Moths can cause major problems in your life. Moths are an enemy of your brand new clothes, your expensive and fancy carpets, and even your packaged food items. Oxford city is one of the most famous cities in England. Oxford city is a home town of many famous destinations including the University of Oxford, which is the oldest university in the history of English.  We can see old English architectural style in every building of oxford. Oxford city is a quite old masterpiece. Oxford city is about 1,109 years old. With an architectural structure as old as oxford city, issues like moths are a common thing

How ProPest will get the job done for Moth Control Treatment in Oxford?

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By scheduling moth control oxford service online from here our team will contact you on the selected date and give a complete survey and sanitization of the area.

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