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Mouse Control Oxfordshire-

ProPest are specialists in Mouse Control. Mice are very good at squeezing through the smallest of holes. 6mm is all a fully grown Mouse needs to gain entry into your walls cavity. The most popular hide out for mice is under your washing machine....."WHY IS THAT I HEAR YOU ASK?... its warm, its secluded and there is very little chance of being disturbed. There is a large void underneath washing machines between the concrete and the outside wall of the machine mice utilise.

Roof spaces are also places of safety for Mice as its again warm, dark and mainly undisturbed. The droppings of mice are completely different to Rats, being smaller, rounder and in general softer. Mice usually are in a litter of many forming natural family units. A female Mouse can have up to 15 pups every couple of months & young female Mice become sexually mature within weeks, so you can see the pattern here, a small problem will become a big problem very quickly, which is why its really important to call ProPest on 01865-579366 as soon as you suspect a problem of any sort.

Mice, like Rats, carry all sorts of nasty diseases spread by urine, Some of the diseases can, in extreme cases, be fatal.

What should you do now?

Book your Survey & Report from ProPest. We will Survey your complete property and identify where they are getting in, why they are coming in and the correct treatment to get control so you have a Mouse free home or business.


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