Garden Moles Trapping – Stop Moles by Trapping Them

Updated: Aug 26

Worms and grubs are the most delicious food for moles. They can eat that every day. Due to this, moles are always in search of healthy and watered gardens full of worms and grubs. Moles are quite fast in ruining garden that just one mole is capable of making an average-looking garden as the army invades it.

So if you ever find a mole preying your garden then go for trapping it and don’t let them ruin your garden. Trapping is the best way you can prevent moles from ruining your gardens. However, you need to know the particulars of moles trapping.

Here today this article is about garden moles trapping. So, you will get to know almost everything for effective moles trapping.

How To Trap Moles?

There are two widely used and effective ways of garden moles trapping.

1. Live Trapping:

Firstly, you can consider doing a live trapping. Sometimes, it is effective to set a deep bucket under the active tunnel. To set a live trap, dig a hole in that tunnel extremely deep to fit two to five gallon of water under the tunnel level. Around the edges, pack all the dirt from the bucket of trapping moles. Take sod or plywood to cover the hole. This will allow you to check the hole daily. The mole will fall in the bucket, and you can take it to wherever you want.

2. Setting a Choker or Loaded Trap:

Besides this, the tested and effective garden mole trapping method is to set up a spring-loaded prong or choker loop trap. It is what gets activated as the mole pushes in against it. For spring trap, compress the area of the tunnel a bit bigger in size than the actual trap base and over it set and place the trap. Check the trap packaging and follow the manufacturer’s direction for arming the trap. After that, you need to cover it with approximate five gallons of the bucket to keep the pets and kids away from it. Remove it alongside moles if it’s trapped. But if moles aren’t trapped then try with any different tunnel.

How To Check If The Tunnel Is Active or Not?

It does not matter what you set, a live trap or a spring-loaded trap; the first thing you need to do is to locate the active tunnel for moles trapping. For collapsing, you need to step on the tunnel you have in one or two spots. The next day check those spots, if the tunnel has dug out, then it is an active tunnel and a good point for setting a trap.

Final Words:

Trapping moles to keep them away from your garden is something really effective and beneficial as it won’t let your garden get ruined with moles everywhere around. Moles are liable to devastate your entire garden in just a few minutes. So use a mole trap and keep them away from your garden to let it clean and beautiful.