Rat Prevention

Rat Prevention

– Keeping Rats Away for Good

As Oxfordshire pest control professionals, we know it can feel quite defeating going through the endless cycle of setting traps, catching rats, only to have them keep coming back. These types of pest solutions and rat control options work to a degree, but the issue that they are not preventing rats from returning in the long run. You can spend a fortune on traps, but if you are not taking the time to find the root cause of their presence, you will never have a permanent rat-free outcome.

So, if you truly want those rodents to take your home off their radar, then you must alter your methods to prevent them from coming in the first place, not just removing them after they already arrived.

And here’s how.

DIY Tips to Deter Rats

• Remove Current Rats:

First and foremost, you want to get rid of the rats you already have. You can either do this yourself with traps, as mentioned above, or you can be more confident you got them all by going with a professional. Remember, female rats can mate up to 500 times in a 6 hour period, and brown rats can produce around 2,000 offspring in a year (having up to 22 young at once). Needless to say, getting rid of the ones you have now must be done sooner than later to stop even more infestation.

• Seal Up Your Home:

Rats may be on the larger size, but they can squeeze through the tiniest of cracks and holes. To stop them from gaining access, go through the inside and outside of your home and seal it up tight with rodent deterrent products. Common places may be cracks in the attic, in the foundation, vents, and floors.

• Trim Your Trees:

Do you have any trees overhanging your roof? Then it's time to trim them down. Trees that overhang give rats more opportunities to reach your roof and find a hidden crack to sneak into.

• Keep Your Home Clean

: Rats love living in dirty, cluttered locations, such as dumps and in piles of trash that may have accumulated. In addition, the very smell of old food in your home can attract them. If your home needs a good deep clean, then not only will this improve your quality of life, it will be yet another preventive measure to reduce the risk of rat infestation. 

• Don’t Forget Your Sewer Pipes:

Believe it or not, rats like to get into your sewer pipes as well, even following leftover food in the pipes and getting into your toilets. To stop them from doing this, keep your kitchen sink rinsed out and cleaned continuously. If you have a garbage disposal, use it as little as possible, and about twice a month pour a mixture of one cup of bleach, a cup of baking soda, and a cup of vinegar in your drains, followed by rinsing it down with boiling water. Pro Pest Oxford Ltd will as standard look at your sewer system with high tech cctv & advise if a Rodent non return valve should be fitted to stop Rats entering via the seer system.

Conclusion – If All Else Fails, Call Pro Pest Oxford Ltd. 01865 579366 for Rat Control & Mouse Control.

If you have discovered that your home has become a target for rat infestation, just know that you are not alone. Rats are very intuitive little creatures who take full advantage of any way into your house and make camp inside. Now, if you have tried the deterring tips above and still are not having any luck, then it is time to look into more powerful pest control solutions.

Oxfordshire rat control professionals are masters in ridding these pests from your home as efficiently as possible and getting you back to a much healthier state. So, skip the frustrations and worry about the damage those rodents are doing in your walls and let experts handle it for you. Between the more suitable treatments, custom approaches, and experience in long-term solutions, contact us today to finally get a rat-free home again and prevent them from coming back.

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