Pest infestations aren’t confined to the home. They can also affect your garden, and moles are one of the biggest pests around – although it’s fun to see the hills they create in the countryside, it’s less amusing when those hills are appearing on your lawn. Moles can ruin your grass and your plants by digging tunnels underneath them and therefore not allowing their roots the space to grow. If you have a mole problem and you take pride in your garden’s appearance, it needs to be fixed immediately.

Moles love moist earth to tunnel through, so if you water your garden excessively, you may inadvertently be creating the perfect environment for them to thrive in. The Pro Pest  Control team can assess your garden, ascertain whether you have a mole problem or not, and make recommendations and implementations to resolve the problem. We operate around Oxfordshire.

It is imperative that a mole problem is identified as early as possible because they can tunnel 18 feet every hour. If they are given time to create an extensive network of tunnels around your property and neighboring properties, therefore, they will be very difficult to locate and eradicate. We set up humane traps that dispatch the moles instantly, but we are also fully qualified and accredited to use gassing techniques should they be called for. Given the choice, though, traps are the most effective option.

Our usual process is to set up the traps and return within seven to ten days to check them. We then decide if they need to be reset – if the problem hasn’t been completely resolved, we will begin the process again

The Process For Removing Moles;


  • Our technicians will survey the territory and set the traps

·         They will then return 7 – 10 days later to check for positive results

. THow do I know if I need garden mole removal services?

You can usually tell if you have an infestation by the damage they cause to your lawn or to your plants. People incorrectly believe moles actually eat the roots of plants but this is not the case.

It is the space created in their extensive tunnels that means your plants do not root sufficiently that causes the damage. They do not possess lower incisors so they are not equipped to gnaw at roots.

 he Process For Removing

Controlling Garden Moles