Rodent Examinations & Proofing

Pro Pest is renowned for dealing with any pest control issues across Oxfordshire which combines two issues together to enable a stress-free resolution for our customers. We specialize in examinations of drains whereby our qualified technicians will be able to determine if rodents are in the drainage system due to poor facilities.

In circumstances where there have been broken drains or incomplete pipes rodents will be able to find a way into the property which will then cause an infestation. This can also lead to property damage as rodents tend to contaminate and ruin internal electrical wires.

If the problem is noticed early on, we can use our CCTV equipment to examine the drainage system to enable the best possible solution for you. Whether this is recommending repairing a broken drain or installing rodent flaps, we will ensure you will have a fully functional drainage system.

Our drain investigations can help homeowners facing one-off or ongoing issues with their drainage system. We can also offer pre-purchase surveys for home buyers. Building surveyors typically only look at the manhole. So a full drain investigation can give house hunters the opportunity to make a fully informed decision about their new home.

What is a CCTV drainage survey?
These surveys are designed to deliver an in-depth, extensive review of your drainage system. High-tech CCTV cameras are used to monitor the conditions of your drains and send live video feedback to our expert engineers. Maintain Drains will thoroughly review your system and detect any drain damage or blockages with our sophisticated surveys.

How much does pre-purchase drain survey cost?
Call today for a free quote and to discuss your drainage survey with one of our friendly experts. Pro Pest offers in-depth CCTV investigations and a wider range of drainage services in the Oxfordshire area.

Drain Camera Survey