Controlling Flea Infestations

Pro Pest Pest Control is an expert in flea removal. Fleas are a common problem across the UK and we are experienced in treating flea infestations in both homes and businesses

Common signs of fleas

How do you know if you have fleas in your home or business? There are some common signs to look out for:

  • Bites – fleas bite humans and pets to feed on blood so they can lay eggs.
  • Pets scratching – fleas will often make a home in the fur of your dog or cat, causing them discomfort.
  • Sightings – fleas are very small (approx. 1mm), but sometimes can be seen, particularly when a property is empty.

Fleas are mostly associated with pets, but can also be found in other places like beds, carpets or sofas. They are able to live for months without food and it’s very difficult to eradicate them and their eggs without specialist treatment.

flea Control Emergency

  • Fleas can cause huge disruption and embarrassment in a home or office.
  • The last thing you want when going to sleep or having guests over is to be attacked
  • We offer emergency service when you require those out of hours or Sunday call outs

Flea Spray Treatment