Diminish heat loss from your property and decrease your energy bills with suitable insulation  Why Loft Insulation Removal & Replacement

Did you know roughly 25% of the heat that is produced will escape through the roof of your property? As we all know, heat rises and that is why loft insulation can reduce heat loss as well as decreasing your energy bills. Yes, we said it, loft insulation can save you money and the payback can be two years or less. If you use your loft to store unwanted items, we offer a service to declutter your loft, subject to quotation, which will allow you to get the most out of your new insulation.

Already have loft insulation? We can remove and replace current insulation with more appropriate and efficient insulation. Nothing lasts forever, so why would we assume loft insulation will never deteriorate? It is estimated that good quality insulation should last from 30 to 40 years depending on other factors such as secondary water or fire damage.

We offer a professional and attentive service that will remove previously installed insulation in a stress-free environment before replacing the loft with quality insulation.

Can I Remove Insulation Myself?

Removing insulation in your own home would not be advised by anyone due to health and safety precautions. The insulation contains irritants such as fibre glass and rock wool which are extremely dangerous to breathe in. As a professional company, we are equipped with the correct equipment and knowledge of how to remove insulation effectively to avoid potential contamination.

Loft Insulation Removal & Replacement