Whether you live in Oxfordshire, Manchester, London, Birmingham, or any town in the UK, you’re at risk of suffering an invasion of mice.

Although they’re cuter than their rat cousins, they can cause just as many problems within a home, both health and damage-related. Additionally, if you have a phobia of mice, you won’t be any more comfortable sharing your home with them than you would be with a rat problem.

If you suspect you have even a single mouse living in your property, you should take steps to identify the extent of the infestation before removing it.

Common Mice For Removal

There are two types of mice that are commonly found inhabiting a home: the light brown field mouse and the smaller brown or grey house mouse. Both species are of a size that allows them to get into wall cavities, through small holes, and around the house without necessarily being seen by occupants.

However, because they carry diseases, they need to be removed at the earliest convenience after an infestation is discovered.

Additionally, it’s important to locate the cause or point of entry for the infestation in order to prevent it from happening again. Once on-site, our team can pinpoint the problem, whether it’s in the roof, vents, or doors, and make recommendations that can be easily implemented.

Common Signs of Mice

If a mice infestation is left to develop it can become extremely difficult to control. Mice have flexible skeletons, allowing them to squeeze through tiny gaps around your home.

They reproduce at a rapid rate; litters can be as big as 14, and females can produce up to 10 litters a year. This causes the issue to soon become unmanageable, so it’s crucial to seek mice removal services if you notice signs of mice.

Mice Droppings Identification

Mice are unsanitary rodents, defecating frequently and leaving up to 80 droppings a night.

Their droppings are small (around 3-8mm long), dark and often found around food sources, including cabinets, bins, shelves, and storage boxes. Pay particular attention to the insides and tops of cupboards, as well as skirting boards.

Mice are nocturnal; however, not the most inconspicuous, so the signs should be easy to spot. Living or Dead Mice: Unless you have pets that regularly bring in their prey, spotting a mouse is a clear indication of an infestation.

Mice Removal & Control

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