Squirrels are a pest that many have complicated feelings about. Although they’re cute and perceived as essentially harmless, we know that the common grey squirrels carry diseases and were responsible for almost completely wiping out the native British red squirrel. Regardless of how you see them, there is no doubt that they present a problem to homeowners.

The most common issue that people have with squirrels occurs when they decide to nest in the loft space. Once this has happened, the area becomes their territory and they will act aggressively towards anyone who attempts to move them, especially if they have babies in the nest. If you try and block their access point, they will attack the blockage until they get in.

Information on Squirrel Pest Control & Removal

It’s clear that squirrels are a pest more difficult to get rid of than most, but the team at Pro Pest Control is experienced in dealing with them. Whether you’re in the north, south, east, or west of Oxfordshire, we can come to you and ensure that the squirrel problem in your home is eradicated. As soon as you notice any tell-tale signs such as droppings, damage, or the sounds made by them moving around in the loft, let us know so you can avoid dealing with their aggression by yourself.

We use traps and poisons to deal with squirrels, as it is illegal in the UK to catch one and release it back into the wild. We are therefore obliged to dispatch it, which we do as humanely as possible. Once all the animals have been removed, we begin repair work and ensure that the access points they were using are blocked off to prevent a recurrence of the problem.

Signs of a squirrel pest control problem

  • Droppings – are often found in loft spaces. Squirrel droppings are larger and more rounded than a rats. Approximately 8-12mm and rounder at the edges rather than pointed.
  • Sighting – They use loft insulation or similar as nesting materials. You may see a pile of shredded loft insulation or you may see the squirrel up in your loft space. Sometimes you may even notice them going in your fascia boards in a hole they have developed typically about the size of a tennis ball.
  • Sounds – grey squirrels occupying a loft space make can make an almighty racket. People often describe it as ‘a group of them having a party up there’. Squirrels will continuously run around the loft space in search for nesting materials, when there is nowhere left to look, they will break through to other areas- causing a lot of sounds!
  • Damage – these animals are very strong, have sharp teeth and sharp claws. They can even chew through soft metals and hardwood and many other materials used in lofts and on roofing. Fascia boards, tiles, insulation materials, and joists are often damaged by squirrel activity.

 Removal of the infestation

  • Survey – Firstly we survey the activity areas, whether a loft or cavity, and confirm the species’ presence.
  • Eradication – We use a combination method of a variety of extremely effective traps and specialist squirrel poisons in squirrel pest control to resolve the problem as quickly and hassle-free as possible.
  • Proofing – Once the animals have been fully removed, it is vital that the entry points are sufficiently blocked off. This ‘repair’ work can be very simple or very extensive depending on the level of damage and access. On the first visit, we will give you a quote for proofing, you are then able to accept our quotation or get this work carried out yourself. It is recommended that this is done within 10 days of removal to ensure other squirrels do not move in.
  • Guarantee – We guarantee to remove your infestation.

Removing & Proofing Against Squirrels 3 WEEK TREATMENT