Its true, Rats love pizza too-

Rats have a wide ranging pallet. They will eat practically anything especially human food. Us humans to Rats are an invaluable source of great tasting food. Rats will literally feast on our food scraps however well we think we package up our left overs.

Pizza is a great example of humans attracting Rats to their bins, The box itself is the most potent smell to a Rat because the fabric of the box absorbs all the smells and oils that seep out of our beloved pizzas inside. And, what do we do with the box when we are finished? That is right, thrown straight into our external rubbish bins. We can hear your brain ticking over on this one, " our green bins have a lid that is too  heavy for a small thing like a Rat to lift, right?

Wrong..........Rats are good climbers and can jump up and down on to things, our wheelie bins are an easy meal. Once they have got on top of your bin, they will scoop the lid up enough to clamber inside. Ask any bin collector how many Rats they see in bins on their daily rounds, the numbers are truly staggering. 

Where there are humans there are Rats, because we make it so easy for them to survive. 

What can we do to minimise Rat Infestations?

ProPest Top Tips.

-If you suspect Rats are in your house, without hesitation call ProPests  Rodent Control Department on 01865-579366

-Put something heavy on your bin lid such as a brick, so Rats cant lift the lids.

-Check your attics and roof spaces regularly for any signs of Rodents. Tell tell signs of Rats are small elongated droppings, pointed at one end & rounded at the other end around 1-4 mm in length & dark in colour. Mice droppings are a dark rounder shape and a lot smaller in size, 1-2 mm. A squirrels droppings are very similar to Rats dropping but bigger. Below picture is a great example of what to look for. This cheeky Rat was using the customers sewer system to enter the house through a failed drain, There was a hole above the sewer in the wall just below the man hole cover just outside the customers back door.


Rat droppings fresh.jpg
Failed dran.jpg

This particular drain was in the grand scheme of things very new, builders had completed this only months previous, The customer was absolutely adamant the drains were ok and Rats were not entering the property from their sewer. ProPest as standard lift man hole covers where ever possible within our  Survey & Report to rule out your drains. 9/10 Rats will use your sewer systems to enter your homes causing you distress and sleepless nights.

How Do Rats Actually Get Into The House From The sewer?

You can clearly see a hole chewed by Rats in the picture above. Rats will chew through concrete and brickwork within a sewer system & then tunnel their way under the house foundations or even find a hole in the foundations brickwork, both ways will find the Rats way into the cavity wall. From the cavity the Rats will then have a way in to your homes walls, stuff of nightmares to some people. Noises in my walls i hear you say lol, yes, Rats will travel upwards eating their way through any cavity wall insulation before reaching the highest point in your home, the attic. From here Rats will find or make an entry point into your loft.

Why Do Rats Want To Be In My Loft?

We find it hard to believe as humans what the attraction is in our lofts for Rats. There is nothing for them to eat in there so why are they there? Every single day in the ProPest office we get asked this same question on the phone by callers who are quite literally frightened and disgusted by the thought of Rats above them as they sleep.


"Always at night when we are all quite and trying to sleep we hear them in the loft having a party, we are frightened they will chew through the roof".

Rats are predominantly nocturnal which is why you only hear them above you in your loft space at night, Do not worry that they are waiting for you to go to bed then they will start eating their way through your ceiling, this will not happen, well, not usually anyway. Their body clocks are different to ours, we sleep at night, Rats sleep during the day, normally. The noises you may hear is the Rats playing in your loft. Rats are incredibly social creatures and use play to learn and form relationships.


One reason, to give birth.

We bet you are disgusted by that fact? They have found a nice warm dark loft to safely deliver the next generation of Rats without threat of other Rats, undisturbed............

THIS is probably the stage your infestation is at right now!

What ProPest Can Do?

Our trained techs will come to your house, ( Covid compliant ), to Survey your home for Control of Rats. The initial Survey takes about an hour and is a detailed inspection of your home internally, externally as well as an examination of your sewer if it can be accessed. A detailed Report will be produced highlighting areas of concern along with recommendations to get your home Rat free again.

Rodent Non Return Valves.

If we discover Rats are entering your property via the sewer drain, we will highly recommend the supply & fit of an Rodent Non Return Valve. This is very specialist and only a trained Pest Control technician should do this. We will also recommend any holes found in sewer walls be repaired.

Our Rodent Control team will also recommend a period of trapping in your loft and/or a suitable Rodenticide programme. All will be detailed on your Report


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