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Looking For Rat Control Service in Oxford?

Our team provides very quick and reliable service for the Rat Control Oxford area. Basically, rats are really annoying once they enter your home, and no doubt they cause damage to your home and health as well. Click on the button below to quickly book our Rat Control Oxford service without wasting any time. Our team will reach your home and inspect the roof spaces and sewer. And produce a report about the current condition of your house.

You can call us on 01865 579366 or email us at

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We are providing service around Oxford, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire. Alternatively, you can give a quick call on this number 01865 579366 or email us at this address

Our Service For Rat Control Oxford Area

Pro Pest Oxford’s trained technicians will reach your home at the appointed date and time. They will inspect your home externally and internally from ceiling spaces to the sewer. It will take a maximum of 1 hour and a detailed report will be generated with recommendations. If Rats are entering from sewer then our pest control team would likely suggest you supply and fit rodent non-return valves. We will also recommend the time period of the trapping in your loft.

Why rats entered in my home at first place?

The short answer, your house is more easily accessible. The detailed answer, if your house is not properly maintained, we are not talking about furniture or expensive appliances we are talking about more technical things. The holes and cracks in the walls are not really prominent enough to get attention. Unprotected open vents and issues with sewer systems are also major causes of rats entering your home. Our rat control team in oxford will visit and first inspect these types of loopholes in your house and report you on that.

What is attractive for rat in my house?

Rat control services are mostly called when things are out of control. But, you should get professional help when you start to see early signs of the presence of rats. Oxford’s weather is basically colder and this temperature is uncomfortable for rats that force them to seek shelter ( easy shelter ). The warmth motivates them to stay in your home. And if the water and food are easier for them to get then things get worse. It will attract more rats. Obviously, they will reproduce and it will increment damage. Rats are known to eat almost anything even junk food so keeping specific food away from them is ruled out on the spot.

Rats also gnaw through tougher material it is also their habit as their teeth continuously grow throughout their life and they gnaw to trim them so it won’t block them from eating. Book our rat control oxford service to get rid of this headache now!

Do rats effect you health?

No doubt, as long as rats are wandering around you they are not a good sign regarding your health. Rat bites and scratches are responsible for rat fever it is a disease transmitted by rats. It is very unlikely that rats may interact with you, but that’s not it. The most worrying thing is that their saliva and urine also spread bacteria that are more alarming for your health. And last but not the least, you may encounter a situation when you are eating a meal already tasted by rats due to their habit of tasting food.

Adults may not be affected that much because of their strong immune systems. But, if you have kids in your house, then it is suggested to don’t even waste. a single day and take action against them.

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How to stop them from coming back?

Although it is highly unlikely what rats would come back after service implementation. But if you are doing it yourself then getting rid of rats is extremely hard and should be done by a professional. Our professionals would first clean up each and everything to prevent rat droppings from spreading bacteria.

After the sanitization process is completed then we head to the security from rats. This includes fitting valves if they are coming from the sewer. We also fix cracks, holes, and vents that are being used by rats as an access route.

So, what is your responsibility in protecting your house from rats? As we all know everything needs maintenance from time to time. After few months you should check for small cracks or holes in your house. Also, get the sewer and ventilation system check as well. Keep your home clean. And if things are out of control, then you should get serious and contact us or book rat control oxford service from our website.

Book rat control oxford now and get rid of this issue as soon as possible.

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You can call us on 01865 579366 or email us at

Alternatively, you can quickly book an appointment from the link below

Book rat control oxford now

Also, check out our Facebook page for daily updates on our services and discounts.

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