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Same Day, Guaranteed Wasp  Nest Treatment

What To Expect When You Book A Rat Treatment With Pro Pest?

Site Survey

To ascertain exactly what we are dealing with, we need to do a Site Survey. This will take around 45 minutes to an hour. Our technician will survey internally & externally including lofts and roof spaces.  Kitchen  base units are a favourite place for a Rat to hide so plinths, ( kick boards )

How Much Does A Site Survey Cost?

A Site Survey costs £40.00 no vat. This initial cost will be deducted from your treatment cost

What Are We Looking For?

Our highly trained technician will be searching for evidence inside & outside of your property for Rats. This may be droppings, urine and/or dark oil smudges left by Rats, this can lead the technician to entry points. Your roof space, airing cupboard & garages are areas our techs will asses. Our techs carry ladders & lights on board their vans to access lofts, but, will always ask if your loft space has a ladder & light.

Rats In Roof Spaces? How Did They Get There?

All Rats are sewer Rats, which means they are in & out of the sewer at will. If your sewer has a breach, ( hole, gap, 

break ), normally caused by old pipes failing or tree roots penetrating or seriously displacing the sewer pipes, Rats will take full advantage & use the hole to gain access under your property, finding a gap under foundations & entering the wall cavities. Once inside the wall cavities Rats are great climbers, they will climb up through the cavity until it gets up to your loft space then find or make a hole to enter your loft. Once inside they will very quickly make themselves heard, some people report a 'rolling' noise, while others report thuds & bangs. Visual signs you have the unwanted visitors are black spots all over the top of your loft insulation. These are Rat droppings, around 2-5mm in length & elongated on one end. Dark Urine stains will also be present, be careful not to touch anything you find as Rats can transmit fatal disease, 

( Wells Disease ).

Its Confirmed, We Have Rats, What Happens Next?

No need to panic, Rats will enter any property if they have the opportunity. Your tech will take the time to advise you of treatment options & start treating immediately after you have chosen your preffered payment method.

How Do I pay?

Pro Pest Oxford Ltd have several options 

-Credit/Debit Card (All techs carry a card machine )

-Bacs Online Payment

-Invoice ( Commercial Only )

-Cash ( techs will provide you with a written receipt )

Great, what do I/We Do Now?

Contact us to arrange your Site Survey


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