Rodent Non Return Valves

Rodent non return valve fitting Oxfordsh

4 " & 6" Valves

Rodent Specific Non Return Valves are used to stop Rodents entering your Property via the sewer system. Your sewer inlet will be 6" or 4". The appropriate size valve should always be fitted by an qualified Pest technician as up to date training is required.  Never try and fit an online bought valve yourself or you could cause major blocking to your whole street, and even worse cause raw sewage to rise up into your property.

Your property may need more than one valve as your sewer system may have more than one inlet into your property. ProPest will perform a flow test and isolate what is being used and where it flows to.

If Rats are suspected to be actively coming from the sewer system under your property, you will be advised to have a full cctv camera survey by an qualified rodent specific drain specialist.

All Rats are sewer Rats and will go back to the sewer system everyday if possible, where there are Rats visible  above ground there will be an unseen sewer breach underground close by.


Very simply, there is an gate that allows waste to freely flow out of your properties inlets and then closes up snugly not allowing Rodents to be able from the other side. An professional Pest Control rodent specific non return valve are not cheap and need an trained technician to install it properly. It has to be made of rodent specific steal grade with an specific gate/door. Do not be fooled into buying a cheap alternative with an serrated gate  made of cheap materials or even plastic which will immediately block your drains and also allow Rats to chew threw into your property.

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