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Wasps In My Soffit? Wasps In My Shed?

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Finding an Wasp Nest in your house can be really frightening, especially if you or a member of your family have an allergy to Wasp stings, anaphylaxis is in extreme cases, a matter of life or death.

                                                                A Very Typical Phone Call Situation


Customer calls Wasp Destroyers on 01865 579366 07927236753:


Customer " Hello, I think I have an Wasp Nest"

PPO " OK, can you see where the Wasps are coming in & going out"

Customer " Yes I can, 

PPO " Excellent, what is your full name, full address with postcode & email address please"

Customer " Gives all details. How much will it cost?


PPO " Treatment costs just £60.


Customer " OK , sounds reasonable, how do I pay?"


PPO " You can either pay via BACS online banking & we will invoice you, Card payment online at www.waspdestroyers.com


Customer " Thank you, when can you attend, I want this sorted asap"


PPO " We can come to you today or tomorrow, let us know what suits you?"

Customer "Wow, that is great service, today is good for me, 3pm?"

PPO 3pm is fine, we will get it booked in on our system and send you over by email an booking confirmation.

Customer " Great, thank you so much, see you at 3pm

                                                                        ITS THAT EASY!

ProPest Oxfordshire Ltd are fully trained and experienced in treating Wasp Nests & use state of the art equipment which eliminates the use of ladders. PLEASE, do not attempt to treat a Wasp Nest yourself, multiple stings can result in hospitalisation.

                                                                  ProPest Guarantee

ProPest Guarantee to successfully Treat your Wasp Nest. In very, very rare cases the first treatment may not be successful, in this rare occurrence ProPest will come back as many times as it takes to successfully treat that particular nest

                                                Same Day or Next Day Appointments

ProPest will offer you an appointment to treat your Wasp Nest the same day or next day in Oxfordshire.

Call ProPest Oxfordshire Ltd on 01865 579366 or 07927 236753