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About Our Wasp Nest Removal Service In Oxford

ProPest is a reliable brand that includes a bunch of pest experts who are here to help you get rid of pest problems including wasps. Book our wasp nest removal oxford service from the button below this paragraph to schedule an appointment right away. ProPest is always dedicated to giving its customers the best quality services with more than satisfactory results. ProPest services are available throughout the whole region of oxford, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire. Our experts have more than enough knowledge about wasps, their cause of making nests in your house, and the way of getting rid of them.

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A Bit About Wasps

Wasps belong to a group of insects called Hymenoptera. Wasps are narrow-waist insects that are often misunderstood as bees because of their almost identical structure but wasps are actually more dangerous than bees. Unlike a bee, a wasp can sting many humans in its lifetime and its stings are deadly enough to kill a person.

There are two scenarios in which a wasp can become a death threat for you. First, if it stings you multiple times, and second if you caught an allergic reaction because of it. Wasps can be irritating and harmful for you and your loved ones and if you want to get rid of them then handling this situation with an expert will be the best option for you.

Wasps And Their Lifecycle

The lifecycle of a wasp ranges between 6-8 months but it also depends upon its species. Wasps consist of Queen(female wasps) and drones(male wasps). A queen hibernates over winter and then she is ready to make a nest and lays eggs in spring. A queen can lay up to 200 to 300 eggs. The queen starts to make a wasp nest from chewed wood. It is a mixture of wood and the queen’s saliva which gives the nest a paper-like consistency.

Then the queen builds cells inside the nest and lays only one egg per cell. The initial wasps are considered workers who later expand the nest and feed the new larvas. The queen then spends the rest of her life laying eggs. The workers feed the larvae with other insect’s meat and in return, the larvae secrete some kind of sugary carbohydrate which is a food for the workers.

The nest is filled with wasps towards the end of the summer and the queen lays eggs which will produce new queens and fertile male wasps. Autumn is the near end of the colony. The queen dies and the workers have to eat rotten fruits. The breakdown of the nest is started and towards the end of the autumn, the nest will die.

Why do wasps come in to your house?

Wasps can’t stand cold. These little insects are interested in a warm and safe place that can protect them from danger and provide them with food and shelter. Mostly wasps come into your house through an open window or open door. They take no time to get in your house and find some safe place for their nest.

Wasps usually make their nests inside a ceiling or in the walls or near your windows and doors so that they can easily go outside the house. These pests are attracted to places where they can find meat, flowers, and sugary food. So especially in areas like oxford where the weather is relatively cold, you may find yourself getting in trouble with wasps.

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How to notice wasp’s nest presence?

A wasp’s nest is in its full bloom in summer. So, if you notice multiple wasps in your house coming in and out from a hole then there is a nest wasp nest in your house. If you notice a hole in the ceiling or in the wall of your house then it is most likely to be a wasps nest because they make their nests in warm and safe places.

How to get rid of wasp’s nest

Wasps nest removal is dangerous work that requires a lot of care and experience. Wasps can be really aggressive when it comes to protecting their nest. So, getting rid of a wasp nest can be really harmful. The best way to get rid of them is to seek help from an expert. Only a professional can handle this situation without causing any harm to anyone. We provide online booking of wasp nest removal Oxford, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire areas if you want a quick solution to your problem just click the link below.

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ProPest is a team of professionals who can help you make your home wasp-free. ProPest team will first examine your house and find the place where the wasps are living. Then our team will use a special kind of insecticide which is used to kill wasps. Our team will spray the insecticide on the wasp nest’s entrance which will kill the wasps and the larvas that are inside the nest. ProPest team ensures quality and satisfactory results and our team will make sure that your house is wasps-free.

What should I do to prevent the wasps from making a nest again?

After the wasp treatment, the treated area will be hyperactive for 2 to 3 hours. So, you must prevent your family members and your pets to go near the treated area. The worker wasps which were outside during the treatment time will come afterward.

So, it is better for you to leave the nest where it is. Because when the wasps will enter the nest they will get affected by the insecticide and will die but if they found out that the nest is missing then they will start to make a new nest at the same place or they will get aggressive and will not hesitate to sting you.

After the treatment, you will notice some wasps coming and out of your house but that is not threatening at all. If you want to remove the nest then you can do it after 4 to 5 weeks. Wasp nests last for at least 7 to 8 months (from spring to autumn). If you don’t treat a wasp’s nest before it naturally dies then it can leave more queens to hibernate for the next year. So if you are now realizing that you should get rid of wasps in your house then book our wasp nest removal oxford service by clicking the link below and you will be redirected to our online scheduling form.

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Once a nest has been treated, wasps will not make a nest again in that same place. Oxford is a historical city with pest issues including wasps nest. ProPest offers its service of Wasps nest removal in oxford and in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.

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