How Do You Know If There Is A Wasp Nest in Your House?

You probably had big plans for your summer this year, but I bet wasp nest removal was
not one of them. Wasps are extreme opportunists, finding the best places they can to
build a nest, and more often than not, it tends to be either on or inside some ones home.


Just a small crack or hole in your wall can lead them to swarm in areas such as your
garage, basement, or attic. So, if you have been noticing more wasps than usual lately
or hear frequent buzzing, then there is a good chance there is a nest nearby.


Signs You Have A Wasp Nest Problem
As noted above, one of the very first signs you may have a nest in your home is seeing
wasps buzzing around in abnormal amounts. This can be any species of wasp, such as
the aggressive yellow jackets, paper wasps, bald-faced hornets, and mud daubers.
Sure, seeing one or two every so often is typical in the spring and summer months, but
when it begins occurring on a daily basis in larger numbers, that is a red flag.
If this sounds like you, the next thing you can do is look for the tall tale sign of where
that nest might be, and that is observing the wasps routes. Wasps are very loyal,
colonizing insects, which means they will return back to their nest to feed their queen as
well as care for the young. Since they are like this and tend to leave the nest often to
forage, before rolling up some newspaper and swatting them down, watch where they

If you see them continuously heading back to a crack in the wall or a crevice in the roof,
then that should be the place for you to (cautiously) look for any visual structures. If you
see a structure in those places, then you have your clear-cut answer. However, if you
still do not see anything, but there is high wasp traffic going to that location, then it is 
time to call a professional regardless.


Conclusion - Calling A Professional
First and foremost, if you did discover a wasp nest in your home, do not try to get rid of it
yourself, especially if you know you are allergic to them. Getting the wasp next removed
without the proper gear is putting you at severe risk of getting stung, and not just once.
In addition, if the nest is in a high location and you get attacked, it could cause you to
fall and suffer even more injuries.

With that being said, avoid those potential scenarios altogether and call Pro Pest immediately before even more infestation occurs. We know how to
handle things such as this in a safe way so no one gets hurt, except the wasps, of
course. In the end, a quick phone call on your part will get you back to a wasp-free
home in no time.

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